Threnody was written for Kirsty Abbotts and the Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band as part of their Brass in Concert 2018 programme; 'The Murder in the Night'. The programme told the tale of a 1930s murder mystery with Threnody depicting the devastating moment a lifeless body is discovered aboard a train. The piece concentrates on contrasting emotions, moving through a variety of textures from ghostly, still, effects heard in tuned percussion & muted cornets , to beautiful, lyrical lines in the solo cornet part accompanied by solemn trombones. The piece slowly builds before erupting into a glorioso cantabile section with a soaring cornet line, and finishes with a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for creating a reflective mood during any programme!

Length: 4:30 mins

Threnody (Bb Cornet Solo & Piano) - Ben Hollings

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